Banking Solutions

Digital and Transactional Banking Solutions through Implementation, Technical and Functional Upgrade.

Custom Solutions development: including Interface with core banking and channels (SWIFT, QATCH, WPS, QIPS, SARB reporting).

Interface Development: with E-Banking, Financial Messaging and Data Warehousing solutions.

Corporate Channels

As consumer technology expectations cross over into the corporate world, the online experience must be more than just a veneer across business lines.

Fusion Corporate Channels delivers next-generation portal technology to unify trade, supply chain finance, cash, lending and treasury services for corporate clients. It enables you to rationalize online services and seize new opportunities for growth in global transaction banking.

Built with the needs of corporates in mind, Fusion Corporate Channels integrates with your clients’ existing procurement, finance and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

Development Solutions

ERP and workflow system implementation in Lebanon and KSA.

Developing and testing software functionality that meet customer needs and design specifications.

Identifying, designing, installing and testing a software system that had been built for a company from the ground up. It can range from creating internal programs that can help businesses be more efficient to producing systems.

Create applications that allow people to do specific tasks on a computer or mobile and others develop the underlying systems that control networks.


During the introductory phase of implementation with our client, it is very essential to train the users so they can have full knowledge of all the features and capabilities of the system, that way they will have hands-on the system, while also providing the convenient training guides, both functionally and technically.

The training, based on the agreement with our customer, can be executed either remotely or on-site. Training might also be required after a system upgrade, in order to introduce the client to the newly released features.

Trade Innovation

Drive revenue growth

Fusion Trade Innovation software drives revenue growth through margin improvement, market leading service, and product innovation. More than 200 banks currently rely on this Finastra solution to deliver transparency, control, and service innovation in their international and global trade finance businesses. Full coverage for traditional trade finance management is delivered front-to-back: from corporate online channels to your back office.

Lead on service agility and innovation using our trade finance system. You can rely on automation as a baseline for growth, adding powerful workflow orchestration, granular service level management and real-time dashboards to go beyond automation


Designed and built with an open, componentized structure, our core banking platform covers 90% of a bank’s needs out-of-the-box:

– Payments
– End-to-end lending
– Sophisticated fee and pricing capabilities
– Current savings and deposit support
– Flexible, multi-currency general ledger platform

Be agile

You’ll be able to build your own products and processes independently. As a result, your core banking systems evolve over time. And you can design new products and services in minutes with the powerful product composer. The solution can also be integrated with our Fusion Islamic banking solution and Islamic profit distribution supplementary products. Fusion Essence delivers the highest level of automation and straight-through processing, providing the operational capabilities to drive growth.


IBC is a group of trained and experienced technical and functional consultants. After the testing and go-live processes are done, it is time to provide support services for our clients.

We are always ready and prepared to provide outstanding assistance to our clients and solve any issues they might face on their live environment, or even advise them on the best practices of the system.

We provide different service SLA packages, depending on each client’s requirements and needs.